Down Hatherley Parish Council

The Down Hatherley Parish Council meets approximately monthly. Minutes of their meetings are posted on noticeboards around the village and will also be availabe online.

Contact Information:

Grace (Clerk) downhatherleyparishcouncil@gmail.com

Dave Evans (Chair) dave180750@hotmail.co.uk (01452) 730729

Other members:

Rick Minter rickminter@easynet.co.uk (01452) 739142

Nina Dyke nina.b@live.co.uk

David Holland daveholland94@sky.com

Shaun Painting shaunjpainting@icloud.com

Borough Councillor: Graham Bocking councillor.bocking@tewkesbury.gov.uk 07719 723792

County Councillor: Phillip Awford phillip.awford@gloucestershire.gov.uk (01452) 840126
07411 050293