Crime Stoppers



Once again, as the Summer seasons starts, opportunist burglaries start again.

Please take care not to leave doors and windows open, and keep sheds, garages, and barns secured.

Take photographs, registration numbers, and report all incidents to the police and Neighbourhood Watch.

INCIDENT on 17th June 2017

An incident report was sent to Glos Police relating to attempted theft and tresspass on the christmas tree field (and onto the golf course), in Down Hatherley adjacent to the golf course.

In a property very close to the field, a barn and a garage were broken into. One of several cameras filmed the incident including the culprit's face and car reg, and the culprit was arrested an hour later in Gloucester. The police say the two incidents are likey to be related as the two different persons filmed by the cameras are known to work together as well.

Here is photograph of the other person seen in the Xmas tree field and the barn.

He was chased off, and ran towards the Brickhampton Golf Course, and was seen by several witnesses.


INCIDENT on 11th July 2017

I have spoken with a neighbour who lives on the corner of Down hatherley Lane and the church parking area.

At the same date and time he wached these two guys in his garden looking suspicious. When he went to ask what they were doing the front one stated "looking for a dog" while the one behind laughed at that. My neighbour asked for their number in case he spotted the dog but they simply said they would leave and carry on looking. They then walked off through his garden fence onto the golf course which he presumes was the way they entered.

We will now be vigilant...