LOCAL NEWS Down Hatherley and environs

26 MAY 2018

Police Speed Camera Success in Down Hatherley Lane

For over a decade the Parish Council has tried to stop speeding in DH lane by slowly fighting the system and introducing ...
1. 7.5 tonne vehicle restriction
2. 30mph speed limit in central section
3. Traffic calming at entry and exit
4. Chevrons and speed limit signs on the road surface

Three speed checks were done in DH lane and 47, 71 and 23 offences detected. All offences will be dealt with by post and the most drivers will be offered a speed awareness course.

As this showed the Parish Council was correct about the seriousness of the problem, DH lane has now been added to the list of permanent sites to enforce traffic laws.


Local Burglaries, and side gate lock forced in Broadclose Road

The Twigworth BP garage was broken into last night (cigarettes stolen) and Down Hatherley Manor was targeted on friday (alcohol stolen). Side gate lock forced in Broadclose Road and a neighbouring shed broken into (nothing apparently stolen).

Please be vigilant, photograph, and report any suspicious activity - lock your cars.

21 FEBRUARY 2018